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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS takes pole position with Aston Martin collaboration and commercial partnership with BBC Top Gear

BBC Top Gear to drive KRAFTON's Aston Martin collab with bespoke content in September

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, 9 August, 2023 - KRAFTON is thrilled to announce its commercial partnership with BBC Top Gear’s publishing arm to produce a series of advertising features which enhance the collaboration with the iconic British brand Aston Martin. 

Releasing as a series of featurettes during September, the branded content on and on BBC Top Gear’s social media platforms will navigate the world of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and immerse players and supercar fans in the Aston Martin collaboration to put the cars of PUBG to the test.

Also launching today is the 25.1 update for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, featuring the Aston Martin collaboration, new in-game areas, and a host of new additions and improvements.

For full patch notes, please visit KRAFTON’s website here.

Aston Martin Collaboration: 
Get ready to experience luxury in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS with the Aston Martin collaboration. Unlock three exclusive Aston Martin vehicle skins to elevate gameplay with unmatched style and sophistication. Seek out the Aston Martin container in the starting areas of all maps to grant access to the car for you and your teammates for the entire match.

There are more exciting updates coming within this collaboration, including the new Crafter Pass: Aston Martin, Aston Martin Crafting at the Workshop, events, and more.

Miramar Update - Enhancing the Environment
The 25.1 update also includes significant improvements to the Miramar map, with new areas and locations designed to enhance the overall environmental cohesion and gameplay experience.

New locations include:

  • Partona: A lively bustling village complete with festivals and traditions. It replaces the previous area, Los Higos, and offers improved looting efficiency and easier navigation with a newly constructed bridge.
  • Resort: Majestically perched on a hill, the Resort is conceptualised from an abandoned retreat, offering a thrilling new locale for looting. Adjusted locations of house sets and roadways enhance gameplay and looting efficiency.
  • Truck Stop: An oasis for trucks and laden with materials, the Truck Stop replaces the previous Junkyard area. With its unique visual theme and distinctive battle experience, it provides a different combat dynamic to other areas.

New features have also been introduced:
  • Sandstorm: A vigorous gust of sand now traverses the desert-like Miramar map, replacing the existing Red Zone. The sandstorm gradually depletes the health of players caught inside it, obstructs visibility, slows down movement, and renders certain electronic equipment unusable.
  • Zipline: Players can now navigate Miramar with greater ease using the new zipline feature. With two ropes on each zipline, multiple players can use it simultaneously to traverse difficult terrain  breaching enemy-guarded areas with speed and stealth. The zipline adds an exciting layer to combat dynamics and facilitates fluid movement.

These map updates aim to provide players with more options for the initial looting phase of PUBG. The 25.1 patch provides improved connections between looting areas as well as increased cover and battle locations.

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