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The Dungeon Extraction Game’s Launch Is Planned for Later This Year

 – KRAFTON, Inc. has released a new teaser trailer for Dark and Darker Mobile, which is being developed by Bluehole Studio. It kicks off what will be a revealing series of looks at the upcoming dungeon extraction game’s medieval low-fantasy world and unique-to-mobile features that Bluehole will share ahead of a planned 2024 launch.

As an extraction RPG, Dark and Darker Mobile challenges players to delve into the depths of dungeons and escape with as much treasure as they can carry while fending off threats from fearsome creatures and other players. The teaser, which debuted on YouTube, showcases the core escape-focused gameplay in Dark and Darker Mobile while shining a spotlight on new features. This includes several new ways to play:

  • High-level dungeons open up an “endgame” that comes with its own, unique rewards – and a level of challenge that will test even the best-equipped adventurers.

  • “Player vs. environment” (PvE) dungeons that remove the competitive elements from Dark and Darker Mobile, instead challenging players to explore, gather loot, and clear out any beastly threats they come across.

  • Flipping that concept, “player vs. player” (PvP) dungeons are all about crossing swords with competing player-controlled dungeon divers.

  • Dark and Darker Mobile also introduces a Sidekick system, allowing players to recruit AI-controlled companions to help them throughout their dungeon-diving adventures. These sidekicks are powerful companions that can leveled up. Players can also take advantage of the pet system, which grants various buffs before entering a dungeon. 

Adventurers begin their Dark and Darker Mobile adventure by creating a character, which can be one of five classes: Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue, Ranger, or Cleric. Each class comes with its own weapon and armour specialisations, as well as a unique spread of active and passive skills. Players can only equip two active skills before heading into a dungeon, but the number of passive skill slots that are available increases as the character levels up. This flexibility gives every player the freedom to find the Dark and Darker Mobile play style that works best for them.

During each dungeon expedition, adventurers have opportunities to acquire new equipment and loot as they do battle with monsters, rifle through treasure chests, and end the journeys of competing dungeon divers. Gear can also be purchased from merchants, who offer quests that players can complete to unlock higher-grade store inventories. Equipment can be upgraded using gold and other ores, and registering acquired items in the collection can further yield character-enhancing effects.

KRAFTON is targeting a global launch of Dark and Darker Mobile before the end of 2024. By inheriting the fun of the pioneering Dark and Darker IP and enhancing its innovative dungeon extraction experience, KRAFTON aims to bring the genre to a mainstream audience.

Check out the trailer here: 

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